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Producers, Visionaries

Tartuflanghe experiments and creates its recipes in artisan laboratories using certified DOP and PGI raw materials, selected by trusted producers.

We create everything:

from the production of pasta, sauces
and condiments; to the processing of sweets and chocolate. In recent years, we have added new technology for freeze-drying, a process that we personally oversee.

"We innovate culinary creativity, creating new ways for consumption" 

Stefano Montanaro 


LOOKING AHEAD to be “original”

For us, innovating means looking carefully at the final result, grasping the essence of its perfection from the basic element, challenging the limits of shape, texture, and even tradition, unraveling the flavor of a new idea from our imagination: practical, functional, suitable for everyone, capable of suggesting and stimulating new ways for consumption.


1990 | Tartufissima

The world’s first and most imitated pasta with a truffle “heart”, “Outstanding new product” in the 1992

New York Fancy Food Show.

2007 | Trifulòt
The mini sweet truffle that revolutionized Piedmont patisserie

by creating new ways for consumption.

2010 | Perlage®

Spherified truffle juice now used in Michelin-starred restaurants that has been awarded “Best Innovative product” at the 2010 Grand Prix Tendances et Innovation in Paris.

2010 | NoH2O®
The first freeze-dried truffle created to enhance

culinary creativity made using improved food freeze-drying techniques: truffle that can be kept for months, ready to release its natural aroma as if it had just been picked.

2015 | Space truffles

Freeze-drying technologies have crossed the boundaries of space. In collaboration with Argotec, some of our freeze-dried products have been selected as part of the diet of astronauts in mission.

2016 | Truffle Chips
An international “case”, a worldwide success.
The first chips with real truffles available on the market.

2020| Truffle for everyone

Truffle Snacks and Dried fruits with truffles:
a courageous and pop innovation, perfect for everyone. Real truffle, selected dried fruit: 100% salted truffle juice used to evenly glaze fruit.


We   design   and   manufacture   all   of   our   products   in   our   artisan laboratories   using   certified   raw materials, selected by trusted local producers. 

We create everything.From the production of egg pasta to the processing of hazelnuts and chocolate, as well as the recent addition of new technology for freeze-drying, a process that we personally oversee.