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Tartuflanghe allocates vast resources for the development of new products and for a team exclusively dedicated to Research & Development: an experimental kitchen where   the   recipes   of   the   future   are   made,   a   place   of   cultural interaction   where technical experts and Michelin-starred chefs work together.

Here we learn to interpret flavors and taste our visions, continuously challenging ourselves:   adding   ingenuity   to   tradition   by   contributing   to   the   creativity of contemporary gastronomy.


“We innovate culinary creativity by creating innovation”

The bliss brought by flavor, the perfection of color, the joy of flawless texture. Cooking is the art of bringing the flavors of nature to a new level of consciousness.

Freeing that form of art, by transforming excellent ingredients, is our daily commitment, which we practice through a continuous exchange with the craft of the best visionary chefs.

We do this by observing the final result, grasping the essence of its perfection from the basic element, challenging the limits of shape, texture, and even  tradition, unraveling the flavor of a new idea from our imagination.

This is the creative energy that has prompted us to create Tartufissima, the world’s first truffle pasta and “Outstanding new product” in the 1992 New York Fancy Food Show. We have instilled the same creative flair in the creation Trifulòt, revolutionizing a traditional recipe of Piedmontese pastry and offering new ways for consumption. 

The joy of inventing while honoring the essential led us to create Truffle Perlage®, spherified trufflejuice now used in Michelin-starred restaurants that has been awarded as “Best Innovative product” at the

2010 SIAL Grand Prix Tendances et Innovation in Paris, and to apply technologies perfected by the food industry for the conservation of highly perishable agri-food excellence such as truffles.

An innovative freeze-drying technique that can completely extract water, without altering the flavor, aroma and nutritional components of the fresh product.