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“The knowledge about truffle has led us to the roots of our endeavor: the abundant forests of Langhe.”

We   cultivate   more   than   20   hectares   of   truffle   grounds   in   Langhe,   Roero   and   Monferrato: a bountiful woodland that we meticulously take care of through modern forest  management techniques, innovative soil management, mapping and analysis, and the protection of truffle ecosystem. A green lung

that has become the center of our most important and visionary project, one of its kind in Italy: to be the first to guarantee a transparent and traceable truffle supply chain, from the spore to the table.

In collaboration with the University of Padua and specialized research centers, we enrich our forests with mycorrhized plants from our laboratories: these are trees that are specialized to be symbiotic with truffle spores. This serves us for two reasons: to create a rational and traceable truffle cultivation, and to promote   the   regeneration   of   a   natural   environment   wherein   pedoclimatic conditions allow the development of the Alba White Truffle, still the rarest and most precious truffle to date.

Plant   mycorrhization,   selection  of   the   most   suitable   soil,   protecting   the  forest   and   guaranteeing harvest from property truffle grounds, whose agronomic management is in perfect symbiosis with nature.

Past and future come together according to Tartuflanghe’s vision: a genuinely authentic truffle, the true and unique expression of the most suitable area for truffle growing in the world.


The   commitment   to   forest   management   and   the   protection   of   the   Alba   White   Truffle’s   natural environment are translated into concrete actions ensuring the sustainability of our production process. All of our production plants are powered by photovoltaic systems, and the remaining energy that is purchased exclusively comes from renewable resources.


A Guarantee of Origin issued to plants that use 100% green energy and certifies that electricity generation entirely comes from renewable sources.