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Is it possible to savor an idea? Understand how gestures turn into flavor, smell a fragrance that becomes concrete and a consistency that flourishes into a scent?


Welcome to our showroom: a shop and a workshop, an experimental kitchen and a tasting counter, an exhibition and an exclusive journey through the many flavors of Tartuflanghe.

You will find all our products and more. Discover the secret charm of the truffle, its development, which largely remains a mystery, and the adventure of an invisible spore that turns into an indescribable scent. 

You will meet it in person, face to face, in all of its glorious fragrance that turns into a “consistency” included in our recipes, which you can always taste thanks to the experimental kitchen, where we test the flavors that will enchant the future. If you want, you can also look for it in its natural habitat during the truffle hunt that we organize in collaboration with our professional trifolaos.

Our show room and tasting room can accommodate individuals and large groups for personalized tastings, show cooking, private tastings and guided tours of the company, in the very heart of the laboratories where the flavors of our ideas come to life.